We welcome you to a conference on the theme Faith, Love & Care in Medicine

Human beings are tortured, mutilated and murdered in conflict areas around the globe. Systematic sexual abuse in the Balkans, in the Middle East, and Congo. Tens of millions of traumatized refugees are looking for security and a new future. Obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression, anxiety, drug abuse and addictive illness weigh on health care. Epidemics, environmental toxins, cancer - yes, everything should be taken care of by health care.

In difficult circumstances at the Panzi Hospital in Congo operations and rehabilitation are carried out. In the Nordic countries everyone is legally entitled to good care. Good care means good quality, high availability and safety. Those among us most in need should be given priority according to our ethics over the most vocal and powerful.

What role does faith/world view play for patients, doctors, nurses … for healthcare, nursing and ethics? 

Where does courage, hope, endurance and competence come from? 

How are corruption, cheating and cynicism countered?

"Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God ; believe also in me" 

John 14:1

Plenary Speakers

Denis Mukwege, Congo

Joel Halldorf, Sweden

Peter Saunders, UK

Rick Paul, Netherlands

Andzej Turkanik, Austria


Plenary lectures on the theme

  • Sexual abuse, rectification and rehabilitation – whole person perspective and care for the next generation
  • Understanding the contemporary, healthcare situation and the role of Christian faith

Ethical hot spots

  • Global health challenges
  • Medical missions – today and yesterday
  • World view and freedom of conscience in medical care
  • Death on demand – euthanasia. Pro et contra
  • Identity confusion – Sex reassignment. Pro et contra.

More in the program

  • Charity concert in favor of the Panzi Hospital. 
  • Student meeting. 
  • Morning Prayer/Bible expositions. 
  • Nordic stories & nordic evening
  • Trips
  • Chapel.


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