Thank you for ICMDA 2014 World Congress!
It is an amazing grace to hear the sweet sound of doctors, dentists and students from all over the world unite in songs and praise to our creator and God. To hear the Holy Spirit inspiring us
through voices from all the continents of the world as almost 1000 doctors dentist students and friends representing 80 nations joined as one. For me, as a child born in the east and
raised in the west, enjoying the rhythm of Africa and the warm temperament of South and Latin America, it was special to be given the opportunity to sing for everyone
"How great thou art" and "Arirang" in both my Swedish and Korean mother tongues. I am thankful to be part of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association
Please enjoy the pictures included reflecting the mood of the 50th ICMDA World Congress
Glory to God to our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ
And the Holy Spirit
Psalm 133
“Look how good and how pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!”
This became true in Holland’s grandest concert hall – De Doelen.
During the pre conference students from all the corners of the world, representing around 80 nations, dwelling together in unity sharing the love, power and teaching of our
Lord Jesus the Christ. 
Serving, sharing and shining at ICMDA 2014 XV world congress.

Enjoy the pictures of young doctors and students (+ a few older folks) celebrating together.